min00 Minolta 2400W Color Laser Printer Driver

This page describes min00, an unofficial Linux driver for the excellent and affordable Konica Minolta 2400W Color Laser printer (also see the Official and Windows-only 2400 Drivers). You might also consider the m2300w driver, which comes with many Linux distributions, and despite the name supports the 2400W fine.



There may also be unknown bugs, possibly bad enough to destroy your printer and/or sanity. You've been warned...

About the 2400W

The 2400W is a nice printer. I'm really happy with it. The only downsides are:

Driver Details

This driver is made from two open-source pieces:

CUPS Integration

All communication with the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) is via Foomatic, a sort of meta-interface for printer drivers to use.

I'm actually somewhat terrified of Foomatic--I had to try several times to get it to do anything reasonable, and I'm pretty sure I screwed up some of its XML files. Advice from Foomatic wizards would be much appreciated.

Interface Protocol

See separate protocol page.


This open-source driver is NOT PROVIDED OR SUPPORTED BY KONICA MINOLTA. You can't call their help line and ask them about min00! I'm happy to respond to email questions, suggestions, or (best of all) patches for min00! Of course, I'm a busy guy, and I really can't help you install or debug your Linux setup--google is your friend!

Orion Lawlor, olawlor@acm.org